Stewardship... Implement plans, coordinate and strengthen the quality of life of our members, by ministering to their spiritual, cultural, educational and economic needs. In a broader perspective, this ministry exists to embrace the kingdom of God on earth through our witness, work and the proclamation of the Word. To provide each member with an opportunity to serve and share their gifts, skills and talents to help build the church and develop successful and strong relationships within the body of Christ.

Hospital Visits... see that sick members and other individuals are visited both as clergy and laity. Thie ministry cares enough to take the time to make visits to dialogue, pray with and show individuals that God and the church care.

Nursing Homes...spread the Word so that those who are unsaved may be inspired to come to Jesus and those who have met Him will grow in their faith, through twice a month visits.

Jail Ministry... arranges for visits to the jails for worship services and programs such as Bible Study in Oakland and Wayne Counties.

Youth Ministry... a group of youth and adult leaders whose sole purpose is to learn, share the Word and to love the Lord. This ministry energizes equips and enables our youth to be the best that they can be and to glorify God in all that they do. The ministry trains young people to have the mind of Christ, to gain knowledge of the Word and to grow in the wisdom of the Lord. Grow with us!


Sermon Samples... We invite you to enjoy the preaching of the Gospel with us! More...

Audio Recordings

We are pleased to offer below audio recordings of some of our recent special programs.

Family and Friends Day and Women's Day 2018 programs audio files below feature Pastor Wayne Rose ministering on 1 Corinthians 1:8-9 and Sister Sadie Rose from Caring Temple Baptist Church in Detroit speaking on "I Have You In My Prayers," based on Philippians 1:9-11. The entire program accessed below includes special music and remarks by Pastor Joseph Chatten of Resurrection Mission Baptist Church.

The Ladies In Red Fellowship April 2018 program featured a Bible teacihing by Minister Dorothy Brown on the Book of Ruth, remarks by Sister Roycene Chatten and other ladies, as well as Pastor Joseph Chatten. Music was provided by Pastor Faye Olshan.

The Music Extravaganza 2017 featured the Gospel Deliverers, Salvation Path, the St. Paul Praise dance team, and other performers, along with remariks by Pastor Joseph Chatten, Sister Roycene Chatten, and others.

The Men's Day Program, "Obedient Faithful Servants," featured music and singing, as well as an address by special guest speaker, Deacon Eddie L. Young. His inspirational message included lessons from the Scriptures such as blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) and the account of the paralytic in Mark 2:1-12. An audio of the complete program (one-and-a-half hours) can be accessed below, and pictures of the event are posted here.

The Music Extravaganza featured a wonderful selection of local music talent. The recording below has 90 minutes of anointed music by many different Detroit area Gospel singers who showcased their talents with us. These singers included brother Billy Hall on guitar, The Gospel Deliverers, Wright Singers, Sons of Heaven, Lane Sisters, Melodic Singers, Lamb Singers, the Gospel Twins, and other individuals and groups. We know you will enjoy this!

The Ladies In Red Fellowship program of Resurrection Mission Baptist Church featured a Gospel talk by Sister Dorothy Brown, remarks by Sisters Roycene Chatten and Arnita Williams, offertory prayer by Minister Arlene Young, prayer of sisterhood by Sister Roycene Chatten, first lady, and an invitation to discipleship by Rev. Joseph Chatten, pastor. Mistress of ceremony was Minister Arlene Young. A variety of wonderful special Gospel music was provided by the Gospel Twins, as well as by Alvin Coleman on keyboard. Recording time 112 minutes in length. The worship service was followed by a sumptuous dinner and warm fellowship for those blessed in attending this anointed program.

Other information: Select each of the recordings in the controller below; if it does not appear on your computer screen, you need to download the current version of the free Adobe Flash software. We plan to add audio copies of other worship services here in the future!

Resurrection Mission Baptist Church
Meeting at Restoration Ministries
1728 Stanford Road, Berkley, MI 48072-3060
Sunday School 10:00 AM
Sunday Worship 11:00 AM
Cell: (248) 225-3876
Residence: (248) 356-2537

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